Movie Game Nudity – The unheeded town of Deadhole, an official naturist town in AC:NL: (4900-2288-3659) (Sadly, I did not put much thought into the remainder of the game)

To this date, Nintendo has had no problem with my town and it hasn’t been taken down. Nonetheless, on that note, the Wii U drawing app Art Academy: Sketchpad banned me from the Internet service Miiverse for posting traditionally posed naked digital paintings on the grounds that it was sexual content. I reread the EULA again like they advocated and it appears that, yes, nudity officially falls under sexual content as the first instance. But I think it’s fair as they are simply protecting and themselves from angry parents.
But there’s undoubtedly a marketplace of individuals who need to play video games with nudity. Look at Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Virtually the first thing anyone does with Bethesda’s sandbox games is create nude mods, or alterations to the PC version’s original code.
This requires a lot of work! Not to mention that even the slightest malfunction in gaming 3D models can cause clipping (going through itself), failing (bending in on itself), as well as downright crashing the game.
The mods include a variety of body types and feels (the skins, essentially) including the selection regarding whether Skyrim guys are circumcised or not. Though most modded bodies are fit, lean, or muscle, they sort of have to be since the restrictions of the game give each gender a body for all characters and most characters are warriors. Regardless, it helps give Skyrim more realistic-looking bodies. Some modders even went far enough to create physics or animations for breasts so they aren’t as stiff as stone like in the first game.
There are even mods for Perks (bonuses for leveling up and fulfilling certain demands) for not wearing clothing. For example, deciding locks without gloves gives your character better lock picking abilities or not wearing anything makes it easier for people to trust you by boosting your Speechcraft points. It is fun to be a naturist in Skyrim’s natural and intimate environments with these Perks that really make sense.
Now, needless to say, there are people who get off with this kind of thing, and chances are those types of people are the people that made these mods in the first place. But really, whatever. If I can run around naked in a blizzard in Winterhold while fighting a dragon with a light saber, it doesn’ .
So the grand point I am attempting to make here is that nudity must not be restricted to the fine arts or more ancient pieces. We should be seeing it in these new forms of artwork. Cartoon is barely a hundred years old and avi games are about forty. These are youthful mediums, but they are growing at an incredible speed. We’d black and white cartoons and pixelated arcades not all that way back when. I believe it is time they took a chance.
And to accomplish that, the artists who make them need not be fearful of attracting all of what they see.
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An Egyptian Nudist Chance ? Egypt Nudism – It’s not completely impossible
Egyptian Naturism:
For years, I Have discovered the stories go back and forth about the chance of bare recreation in Egypt. To recall the particular incident, I remember running across articles in two different publications about several naturist filmmakers from Russia who determined to come over to Egypt and film a nudist documentary. Their excursion was not a complete failure; they managed to pull it away in the end in the end. But at the same time, it positioned the notion of proper naturist recreation in Egypt as a distant possibility, or wishful thinking. Nevertheless, the article did mention one resort down in Hurghada (part of the many Sinai Peninsula cities that are worldwide famous for vacationing) that has a private naked beach area. Part of me always wanted to go down there to investigate, but I never got the chance in the recent past.